Opt for learning offer a variety of practical workshops to create a harmonious and productive workplace. Developing managers’ confidence to handle tensions before they escalate into costly and disruptive conflict is vital to a healthy workplace.  Opt for learning’s practical approach can be adapted to fit your business needs and workplace culture.


To learn more about Opt for learning’s practical approach to management development and preventing costly and disruptive conflict contact Coreen Nugent on 020 7502 0536, ku.oc1542242757.gnin1542242757raelr1542242757oftpo1542242757@tneg1542242757un.ne1542242757eroc1542242757 or submit our Contact Us form.

Workshops include:

  • Ways to resolve conflict in teams
  • Handling workplace investigations
  • A common understanding of acceptable workplace behaviour
  • Working towards a healthier workplace
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