Banter at Work

As we continue to adapt to new ways of working,
Exploring Banter at Work offers a lively and
engaging resource to help create a workforce
with a healthy respect for difference and able
to recognise the boundaries of repartee.

Opt for Learning Exploring Banter In The Workplace

A cost-effective, practical guide with additional
team activities and supporting materials

Let’s have some Banter…. ….about Banter!

Adaptable to any workplace, Exploring Banter at Work is an easy-to-use workforce development initiative. Everything needed for engaging and informative team sessions, or a complete workshop. Exploring Banter at Work offers the ideal opportunity to cultivate a common understanding, among your workforce, of both positive and negative workplace banter.

Workplace Banter Resource Pages
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A practical guide to the subject, five
appealing group activities with preparation
materials and instructions for delivery,
activity sheets and supplementary handouts,
Exploring Banter at Work can be assimilated
into any people strategy, workplace learning
programme and everyday workflow.


1 user

Ideal for



Practical Guide
Preparation Materials
Instructions for Delivery
Activity Sheets

1 User Account*
Available on 2 Devices

5 users

Ideal for

Small Teams &


Practical Guide
Preparation Materials
Instructions for Delivery
Activity Sheets

5 User Accounts*
2 Devices per User

10 users

Ideal for

Larger Groups &


Practical Guide
Preparation Materials
Instructions for Delivery
Activity Sheets

10 User Accounts*
2 Devices per User

*Each User Account includes Activity Sheets and Handouts for unlimited sharing.
Contact Us to learn more about bespoke pricing deals as well as our
expert facilitation and pre / post-delivery support options.

Everything you need to
run rewarding sessions
with your teams

• A practical and useful guide to workplace banter
• 5 lively and engaging group activities
• Achievable learning intentions
• Key learning points
• Step-by-step guide for delivery
• Face-to-face and Virtual Delivery Friendly
• Additional information for Facilitators
• Activity Sheets and Handouts
• Ideal for virtual team meetings
• Easily integrated into everyday working activities

Exploring Banter at Work supports a positive workplace culture

• Cultivate a whole team understanding
• Recast conflict into possitive opportunities
Affordable, lively, practical and engaging
A guide to raise awareness and improve knowledge
• Recognising positive and negative banter at work
• Assess the risk of inappropriate banter at work
• Easily delivered by managers and team leaders 
• Compact individual activities or stand-alone Workshop
Build a healthier, creative and productive workforce
• Reduce allegations, discrimination and harassment

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Can the Group Activities be delivered virtually?

The Group Activities have been developed to be delivered in both virtual and face-to-face settings. The Preparation Materials include information to support delivery in both environments.

What format is Exploring Banter At Work - A Digital Resource?

The Practical Guide and Preparation Materials (Delivery Guide), Activity Sheets and Handouts are accessible by weblink and protected pdf.

It is not possible to print, copy, cut or share any part of the Practical Guide and Preparation Materials (Delivery Guide).

The Activity Sheets and Handouts for participants are sold with permission to share and practical sharing instructions are included with the Preparation Materials.

Can Opt for learning help if we need external facilitation or support to help us get the best out of the sessions?

Exploring Banter At Work – A Digital Resource has been developed as a cost-effective resource for in-house delivery. We also understand there may be occasions when external facilitation, or support with preparation and de-brief would be valuable.

Opt for Learning are fortunate to be able to draw on a pool of highly skilled and experienced facilitators to provide a range of options, including facilitation and pre / post delivery support, by telephone / video conference / face-to- face settings. Click here to find out more.

Can Opt for learning provide dyslexia friendly versions of Exploring Banter At Work?

We are in the process of developing dyslexia friendly versions of the Practical Guide, Preparation Materials, Activities and Handouts. To enquire about the timescale, click here to contact us.

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