It was only ‘banter’

In addition to illustrating the spiralling costs of allegations of harassment and bullying (seven figure non-disclosure settlements and extensive damage to reputation), allegations by employees, and former employees, of Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia Group serve as an...

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Managing diversity

Two high profile diversity surveys are currently underway: the CIPD asks Is Diversity and Inclusion Fringe or Fundamental? while HR Magazine is asking Diversity: Business strategy or just a 'nice thing to do'? In the context of globalisation and international teams,...

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Protected conversations in the workplace

In November 2011 the Government launched a consultation into the introduction of protected conversations in the workplace. The Employment Relations Minister said, "The objective is to encourage people who are afraid of having conversations that they ought to be...

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Workplace relationships and work related stress

Employment cases with large pay outs or headline catching behaviour are high profile, sometimes sensational. The media excitedly focus on both the amount of compensation and the inappropriate workplace behaviour. The less high profile cases, or those that don't make...

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