Dealing with a difficult colleague

During my work with organisations to repair the damage caused by unhealthy conflict at work, including formal grievances and allegations of "bullying", I was struck by how many of these situations could  easily have been avoided if the matter had been dealt with...

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Workplace investigations

Workplace investigations can be time consuming and distracting from normal business.  Employers can find the process daunting or may believe an investigation is unnecessary in the particular circumstances. However, if an investigation is not carried out or handled...

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Workplace behaviour that fits

Cultivating a healthy workplace doesn't mean a loss of corporate or team identity. Characteristics unique to the way of working, such as stress at times of high pressure are inevitable. Recognising this and creating a place for open discussion can prevent a pattern of...

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Workplace mediation

Many workplace issues, if dealt with early, can be resolved.  However, there are times when third party intervention can be the only answer.  The following is a real life scenario where workplace mediation helped to prevent a situation escalating to the point of a...

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“I’m not a manager to be popular”

A newly appointed manager recently asked me for some advice on how she should approach her new role.  Promoted to the managerial position from her peer group, she was all too aware of the challenge ahead. We decided to explore some real life comments: “I’m not a...

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Using the phrase “bullying” at work

Welcome to Opt's first blog post. In the course of my work I interview all types of employee about their experiences of workplace behaviour.  The disruption caused by the misuse of the term “bully” is an ongoing theme. Misuse of the term “bully” can have a devastating...

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