Managing conflict at work

Handled badly, conflict at work situations can degenerate, diverting valuable resources away from everyday activities, business survival, growth, and development

Anxieties around job losses
Meeting public health restrictions
Adapting to new ways of working
Controversies around events on the national and global stage

With the challenges of working in the post lockdown economic climate rapidly evolving, tensions in the workforce are to be expected. Unfortunately, badly handled conflict at work can exacerbate a potentially high-risk situation.

Opt for learning offer a range of support to help your business reduce the risk of allegations of discrimination, harassment, and unfair treatment at work.

Working directly with leaders at all levels, we provide practical support to ensure those leaders are confident and adequately equipped to manage teams that have:

  • A common understanding of the behaviours that are acceptable in your workplace
  • Knowledge to express and raise concerns within the proper policy and procedural framework

Opt for learning Managing Conflict Practical Support

Easily absorbed into your everyday management activity

Developed with the aim of enabling your leaders and / or HR professionals deliver in-house, with support from Opt for learning available if required

To learn more about how Opt for learning can help you deal with conflict at work confidently, efficiently and cheaply, contact Coreen Nugent on

Opt for learning also offer a range of Workplace Investigation support, click here to learn more.

They had to pay out £14,000 unfair dismissal; it could all have been avoided, I still suffer stress and anxiety because of how it was all handled
Our boss was taken to a tribunal, it took two years; we weren’t allowed to talk about it, or mention it to each other. Bits of information were given out but we all had different bits of information.
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