With over 30 years’ experience helping business deal with workplace conflict, Opt for Learning have a deep knowledge and understanding of the causes and potential costs of conflict at work.

Opt for Learning are proud to have created the Opt Portal, a unique virtual toolbox, created from our wealth of experience and commitment to helping business cultivate a diverse, equal, inclusive, and high-performing workforce.

Opt for learning Exploring Banter In The Workplace

An innovative solution to support the new world of work

The Opt Portal has been designed to be adaptable and flexible to support all aspects of your people agenda. The portal content is centred around the following Modules:

A – Building Strong Workplace Relationships
B – The Potential Cost of Workplace Conflict
C – Responsible People Management
D – Ways to Transform Workplace Conflict
E – Developing Policy and Procedure

Banter In The Workplace
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Each Module contains:

    • Practical and up-to-date guides
    • Lively and engaging group activities for all levels of the workforce
    • Achievable learning intentions
    • Key learning points
    • Delivery Brief
    • Step by step instructions for delivery
    • Preparation materials
    • Key to indicate level of skill and suggested initiatives
    • Activity Sheets for Participants
    • Supplementary Handouts
    • Time-tabled Workshops and Development Programmes

The Opt Portal is adaptable and affordable to
any size of business. Use the materials in this
easy-to-use virtual toolbox to design and
implement your own unique development
programmes, for example: 

Management Development Initiatives,
Team Building Programmes,

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,
On-boarding, Key Skills, Workforce Development.

Banter In The Workplace
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Pick & Choose to Suit Your Business Needs & Budget

Opt for Learning appreciate that every business has its own unique character, including type of business, organisational capacity, workplace culture and budgetary constraints, which is why we have developed the Opt Portal to be adaptive to your specific requirements.

Taking a modular approach, and covering all strands of people management, the Opt Portal is fully flexible to support your business strategies.

Select single Sections / Topics from the Modules or choose complete Modules.


Below is a summary of each Module and how they can support your development initiatives.

A – Building Strong Workplace Relationships

Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to recognise inappropriate workplace behaviours, bullying and harassment, and ways to embed a healthy, high-performing team.

Adaptable to all levels of the workforce and especially suitable for management and workforce development initiatives, team building, diversity, equity and inclusion programmes, and on-boarding

B – The Potential Cost of Workplace Conflict

Explore the impact of negative workplace behaviours, poor workplace relationships on individual wellbeing and the business, together with the legal and procedural framework.

Suitable for management and workforce development initiatives.  

C – Responsible People Management

Cultivate a common understanding among the workforce of the core roles of worker and manager, including key characteristics of responsible people management.

Suitable for management and workforce development initiatives.

D – Transform Workplace Conflict into Development Opportunities 

Embed an open working environment where workers are able to raise concerns early, informally and recognise the development opportunities in conflict scenarios, to inform continual improvement across the business.

Suitable for all business development initiatives, including management, workforce, team building, diversity, equity and inclusion training programmes. 

E – Developing Policy and Procedure 

Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement clear and relevant policy and procedure aligned to how your business works.

Suitable for all workforce initiatives.

Banter In The Workplace

Contact us to find out how the Opt Portal can work for you

Still unsure? We can help…

  • Chat with one of our team to find out more about what The Opt Portal contains and how it can help your team and business.


  • We can help with the discovery process to match the content in the Portal with exactly what you need.


  • Have a consultation with one of our experts who will help tailor a bespoke package for you.


  • Or, just sign up, jump in, and begin curating your own development programmes!


Can the Group Activities be delivered virtually?

The Group Activities have been developed to be delivered in both virtual and face-to-face settings. The Preparation Materials include information to support delivery in both environments.

What format is Exploring Banter At Work - A Digital Resource?

The Practical Guide and Preparation Materials (Delivery Guide), Activity Sheets and Handouts are accessible by weblink and protected pdf.

It is not possible to print, copy, cut or share any part of the Practical Guide and Preparation Materials (Delivery Guide).

The Activity Sheets and Handouts for participants are sold with permission to share and practical sharing instructions are included with the Preparation Materials.

Can Opt for learning help if we need external facilitation or support to help us get the best out of the sessions?

Exploring Banter At Work – A Digital Resource has been developed as a cost-effective resource for in-house delivery. We also understand there may be occasions when external facilitation, or support with preparation and de-brief would be valuable.

Opt for Learning are fortunate to be able to draw on a pool of highly skilled and experienced facilitators to provide a range of options, including facilitation and pre / post delivery support, by telephone / video conference / face-to- face settings. Click here to find out more.

Can Opt for learning provide dyslexia friendly versions of Exploring Banter At Work?

We are in the process of developing dyslexia friendly versions of the Practical Guide, Preparation Materials, Activities and Handouts. To enquire about the timescale, click here to contact us.

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