Opt for learning workshops

Opt for learning offer a wide range of development workshops to help reduce the risk of destructive allegations of harassment, discrimination and unfairness.

Drawing on real life experiences, and using a variety of learning methods, adapted to meet your specific needs, Opt for learning Workshops cover the full spectrum of conflict at work situations.

Behaviour and conflict

Legalities and cost

Responsible leadership

Ways to transform conflict at work

Effective policy and procedure

Our workshops can be delivered by Opt for learning expert facilitators, or we can support your own workers to lead and implement this project.

If you would like to learn more about Opt for learning’s Transforming Conflict at Work workshops, including the advantages of drawing on our expertise to support your own workers, contact: Coreen Nugent on ku.oc1594080035.gnin1594080035raelr1594080035oftpo1594080035@neer1594080035oc1594080035 or 079 3207 0614

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