Opt (Organisations, policies, training Ltd) offer an independent, confidential and highly efficient workplace investigations service.

Opt Director, Coreen Nugent, has extensive experience managing a wide range of workplace investigations, including complex sex and race discrimination allegations, bullying and harassment claims and customer complaints.

As an external workplace investigator Coreen guarantees an independent approach, together with the ability to complete the process within an efficient and reasonable timescale, something internal investigators can find difficult due to competing work demands.

Previous Opt clients are happy to provide confidential testimonials where required.

For more information on how Opt can help your business handle an investigation process thoroughly and quickly contact Coreen Nugent on 020 7502 0536 or ku.oc1542238110.gnin1542238110raelr1542238110oftpo1542238110@tneg1542238110un.ne1542238110eroc1542238110, or use our Contact Form to get in touch

“We asked Opt to investigate a complex grievance, which had been neglected for a long while and had the potential to end up in a tribunal. Opt went through a process of interviewing everyone concerned, analysing the paperwork and producing a report to inform the way forward. We would have no hesitation in using Opt again.”

Expert trainers with Opt for learning
Conducting a workplace investigation is a daunting prospect for any organisation. It requires knowledge of the law, an ability to work systematically within a fair process and personal skills which will win the trust and confidence of all concerned.

Opt for learning have developed practical, versatile and cost effective learning and development workshops for those with responsibility for commissioning or conducting workplace investigations; helping organisations respond effectively to any workplace situation that may trigger an investigation.

Take a more in depth look at Workshop content here –Workplace investigations with Opt for learning, or contact Coreen Nugent using the Contact page.

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