Workforce development in a climate of high business costs and continuing uncertainty presents challenges for every business.

Linking development initiatives to your business strategy,  teams,  individuals and ways of working, Opt for Learning can help you achieve your employee goals while keeping costs down.

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How We Build the Workforce of the Future

The Opt Workforce Builder™

In an uncertain climate, the Opt Workforce Builder™ offers you the opportunity to implement your people strategy without a concerned eye on the budget.

Easily assimilated into workplace L&D strategy and business plans, to achieve business, team and individual goals, the Opt Workforce Builder™ is a compendium of practical resources. A best practice benchmark designed for flexibility and continuous alignment to business need and workforce development.

The Opt Workforce Builder™ has been developed for any business seeking to embed productive working relationships in an ever-changing workplace.

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A workforce voice that works for your business

Without a workforce voice, misinterpretations, inappropriate patterns of behaviour and missed opportunities for continual improvement and growth become the norm.

In an economic climate of inflation and uncertainty, open communication channels are vital. The Opt for Learning practical approach can help your organisation embed a workforce voice that works for your business.

For any business seeking to embed channels for rewarding dialogue with employees, to explore views, ideas and resolve practical difficulties, especially important in a time of high uncertainty.

Opt For Learning

For more insight on the employee voice you can read a blog piece by our Director, Coreen Nugent in HR Director here.

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Opt For Learning Banter In The Workplace

Let’s have some Banter…. about Banter!

Drawing on our wealth of experience, the Opt for Learning team have created Exploring Banter at Work,  a workforce development initiative, designed to embrace the unique characteristics and individual experiences in any working environment.

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“Banter in your workplace – easy rapport or discrimination?”

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“Let’s have some banter about banter”
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Resolving workplace conflict early and informally

Frequently off the shelf, to meet statutory requirements, an organisational grievance procedure can be a sparse offering; little help to managers trying to build healthy relationships and prevent the cost of escalating workplace conflict.

Mediation, conflict coaching, facilitated meetings and staff development initiatives can, however, help prevent low-level workplace conflict degenerating further. Opt for Learning offer a variety of interventions, adaptable to different circumstances, to rebuild working relationships.

For Human Resource professionals, leaders, managers and supervisors seeking to reduce the risk of workplace conflict.

Read Coreen Nugent’s blog piece on Early and Informal Resolution here.

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The Opt Portal

When juggling organisational and budgetary priorities in a climate of high economic uncertainty it can appear that workplace resources are out of reach.

The Opt Portal offers cost-effective access to learning programmes, policies and procedures, management guidelines, reference documents and practical checklists. The Opt Portal is adaptable to any business and budget.

For any business, and budget, seeking best practice resources to support workforce development, particularly useful for SMEs.

The Opt Portal
Opt For Learning

Practical policy and procedure development

Clear, unambiguous procedures are vital to a high-performance working environment, yet often business takes an ‘off the shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Opt for Learning have the knowledge and experience to support your organisation develop, and implement, policy and procedure that truly reflects your business needs.

For any leadership team seeking to implement policies and procedures that fit everyday workflow, in line with statutory requirements.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you develop and implement clear and effective workplace procedures

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