Workforce Builder 

Building a workforce for the future, in a climate of high business costs and continuing uncertainty presents challenges for every business.

The Workforce Builder, a practical and innovative resource, adaptable to any workforce development plan, can help you achieve your people goals while keeping costs down.

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How can the Opt Workforce Builder™ support your people strategy?

In a climate of high uncertainty, the Opt Workforce Builder™ offers you the opportunity to implement a people strategy without a concerned eye on the budget.

Absorbed into everyday workflow and adaptable to the ever changing workplace, the Opt Workforce Builder™ can be continuously aligned to business need.

Designed for easy in-house delivery by managers, team leaders, experts, specialists and learning and development professionals. The Opt Workforce Builder™ has everything needed to create and deliver your own management development and team building initiatives, on-boarding programmes, interpersonal communication courses, and much more.

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The Workforce Builder Opt for Learning

A practical tool for conflict resolution

The Opt Workforce Builder™ is also a practical and effective tool to help resolve workplace conflict, develop policy and procedure, as well as a best practice benchmark for people management.

Embed a workplace culture to reflect business values

The Opt Workforce Builder™ is the ideal foundation to develop a workplace culture that truly reflects your business values.


  • Annual subscription
  • Monthly subscription
  • Option for single Modules
  • Designated staff logins and passwords
  • Adaptable to company size and sector
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