The pressure is on in today’s workplace, and the working environment can be intense and stressful – worries over job security; budget cuts; redundancies; increased workloads; competing with colleagues for the same job in a shrinking workforce and watching colleagues leave while surviving the latest redundancy programme.

Managers feel pressurised to produce results, meet targets and deliver quality services.  Motivating staff, responsible management and developing a healthy workplace can easily fall off the action plan. However, investing time to create a working environment where concerns can be raised as early as possible is vital to a healthy working environment, crucial in today’s economic climate and totally achievable in any organisation.

How to minimise allegations of bullying in your workplace

  • create a common understanding of the behaviour that is acceptable in your workplace
  • create an environment were issues can be raised as early as possible
  • train workers on how to raise issues, receive and give constructive feedback and work together to solve problems
  • managers are able to spot unnecessary conflict in their teams and have the skills to deal with interpersonal issues early and effectively
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