The Opt Workforce Builder™ is easily integrated into people strategies, business plans and any organisational framework.

An adaptable, flexible and cost-effective solution to the challenges of workforce development in a climate of high uncertainty.

The Workforce Builder Quality Standard

Cost effective and flexible to suit your people agenda

A compendium of practical tools, guides, group activities and a best practice knowledge base to cultivate healthy interpersonal communication, energise collaborative working and reduce the risk of workplace conflict.

Embed a culture of responsible management, productive working relationships, continual improvement at every level and bespoke policies and procedures, without foreboding training costs.


The Workforce Builder Module Handbooks
The Workforce Builder Module Handbooks


Covering all aspects of your workforce development, the Opt Workforce Builder™ is centred on the following Modules:

  1. Building Strong Workplace Relationships
  2. Responsible People Management
  3. The Cost of Workplace Conflict
  4. Ways to Transform Workplace Conflict
  5. Developing Policy and Procedure

Build strong, healthy working relationships, to cultivate a productive working environment in an unpredictable climate.



With a vibrant and contemporary design the Opt Workforce Builder™ is an engaging and motivational tool for all levels of the workforce.

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Negative Workplace Banter Pages


There is also the option for you to collaborate with Opt for Learning to create your own version of the Opt Workforce Builder™, custom-made for your business need and workforce.


Opt for Learning can provide support to your employees to embed the Opt Workforce Builder™ in your organisation.



The Workforce Builder – Summary of Content

A – Building Strong Workplace Relationships

Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to establish clear standards of acceptable behaviour, recognise inappropriate workplace behaviours, including bullying and harassment. Embed healthy, high-performing teams, confident in their unique team identity and, at the same time, reflecting business values.

Adaptable to all levels of the workforce. Especially suitable for management and workforce development initiatives, team building, diversity, equity inclusion programmes and on-boarding.

B – Responsible People Management

Cultivate a common understanding, among your workforce, of the roles of manager and worker, including positive and negative management behaviours.

Suitable for management and workforce development initiatives, and human resource development.

C – The Cost of Workplace Conflict

Explore the impact of negative workplace behaviours and poor workplace relationships on business outcomes and wellbeing, alongside legal and procedural requirements.

Suitable for management and workforce development initiatives, Human Resource Development.

D – Transform Workplace Conflict into Development Opportunities 

Embed an open working environment where workers are able to raise concerns early, informally and recognise the development opportunities in conflict scenarios, to inform continual improvement across the business.

Suitable for all business development initiatives, including management, workforce, team building, diversity, equity and inclusion training programmes. 

E – Developing Policy and Procedure 

Equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement clear and relevant policy and procedure aligned to how your business works.

Suitable for all workforce initiatives.

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