Investigations continue to feature in current workplace news, reflecting the potential impact and overall importance to any organisation.

A former NHS worker has been awarded £933,115 by an Employment Tribunal that found he had been subject to racial discrmination and unfair dismissal.

The Tribunal found that Elliot Browne had suffered “systematic discrimination” and “an intimidating environment” while employed by Central Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. The Tribunal also found that the Trust had failed to investigate Mr Browne’s grievance sufficiently.

A level of investigation that could stand up to scrutiny may have gone some way to reducing the costly impact on the Trust. Not only in terms of the level of compensation awarded, but the Trust’s reputation as a fair employer with a genuine commitment to an anti-discriminatory workplace.

The Trust is appealing the Employment Tribunal’s decision. In the meantime, however, it remains open to allegations that it endorses a culture of institutionalised racism.



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