Can unconscious bias training generate change?

Discussions around the relevance of unconscious bias training rightly highlight longstanding issues with equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, including the challenges of creating an open workplace culture and the limitations of the one-off training...

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The employee voice in your workplace

“I ask people that have been here a long time, but what if they don’t get it in the first place, or it’s been changed since they were told.” “You follow the leader, but what if the leader doesn’t know and isn’t doing it right?” Without a workforce voice,...

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Let’s have some banter about banter

Is your workplace ‘banter’ at risk of turning into allegations of discrimination, harassment, unfair treatment and victimisation? With multi-layered nuance and infinite differing viewpoints, freedom of speech is a hot topic, with the right to express an opinion, and...

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Benefits of a reasonable workplace investigation

Investigations at work are commonplace, from the routine such as gathering information with regard to customer concerns as incorporated into a worker’s daily role, to the more out of the ordinary and complex, such as exploring the facts in respect of alleged gross...

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The value of open dialogue

15 July 2013 Cafe owner Martha-Renee Kolleh put up a sign informing customers that she is a black woman, sparking wide ranging debate, including Guardian Comment is Free (1948 comments). Comments appeared covering perspectives on racism in the UK overall and Ossett,...

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Managing diversity

Two high profile diversity surveys are currently underway: the CIPD asks Is Diversity and Inclusion Fringe or Fundamental? while HR Magazine is asking Diversity: Business strategy or just a 'nice thing to do'? In the context of globalisation and international teams,...

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Communicating policies and procedures at work

Comments by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) earlier this week, together with large fines, show the importance of ensuring organisational policies and procedures are fully integrated into day to day working practices. Croydon Council was fined £100,000 and...

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